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Miniature Monday #10: Jonathan Adler Barbie Furniture

The weather is never quite as cooperative with my dolly photo shoots as I always hope but, hey, one good shot and I'm good to go for Miniature Monday!  A couple of good ones, even better!  And so, here's the Jonathan Adler Barbie furnitures that I've mentioned on my last blog entry.


I said it before and I'll say it again.  There's only so much pink I can take at one time so it's a given that something on the picture above were going to be spray painted.  Since spray painting takes the couch out of the picture, that leaves the lamps and the pink trays.


I love these JA furnitures...even the pink couch!  It's roomier than it seems and big doll furnitures rock!  The lamps are also nice and big while the end tables have working drawers!  I hand-painted the mirror on the back black to match the lamps.  I've yet to seal the paint for a slightly glossy look.  

That's also the same doll on my previous blog entry.  I decided to straighten her hair and I think it looks better that way.  All in all, I'm glad that I patiently waited for these to go on sale because I never would have paid full price for them.  But I know I would have loved them just the same if I did.

Here's another close-up of the lamp, just cuz....

Note:  The wallpaper is a sheet of wallpaper that came in the package of my 1:12 scale Newport dollhouse (see Dollhouse menu tab to visit inside).  I never found use for until now since I painted the walls of my dollhouse.  The wood flooring is a dollhouse floor sheet that I had gotten at The Little Dollhouse Company.  It was suppose to go in a room box but that isn't done yet...story for another day....

Happy Monday!


  1. I agree..I can only take so much pink myself..I love what you have done to the lamps and the mirror.looks great! Thanks for sharing, I enjoy visiting your page and seeing what you've done.

    Cheers! Kasie

  2. Thank you for stopping by Kasie!


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