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Miniature Monday #11: BFMC Silkstone Vanity

I recently acquired this vanity set for a very good price through a fellow collector's doll board post of items she no longer wanted.  Years ago, pre-silkstone barbie collecting years, I had seen this at a local doll store and mainly stayed away because of its price.  I was still a student with a big passion for an expensive hobby and ironically without any money.  I've had it at the back of my mind since then but took so long to get it because of its rising price on places like ebay.  If I recall correctly, these were being sold originally by dealers in the $120 mark...and that was Canadian!  Nowadays, it can sell for literally double that on ebay...and that's in American dollars!  The moral of my story....Patience is definitely a virtue.

The only downside to my tale is that the bench ended up having a couple of slightly larger than hairline cracks from shipping.  But, for the price I paid, those mini cracks are something I can live with.  I'll just have to find a way to close them somehow.  I've already got my wood glue.  Other than that, it really is in mint condition.


  1. Lovely, just lovely. Your pictures are just spectacular. Congrats on getting this. It's beautiful!


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