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Miniature Monday #8: Bed Time Edition

I'm always on the look-out for interesting doll miniatures available out there.  Last year, I stumbled upon a website that sold hand-crafted Victorian style doll furnitures for different doll sizes.  Of course, I immediately fell in love with them, especially the doll bed.

It was the most ornate doll bed I had ever seen.  And because it was the perfect size for 11-12" fashion dolls , I was sold!  This bed boasts extra head and leg space for that specific doll who likes to toss and turn in her sleep without hitting her head or her feet on the bed frames, while retaining that bed time extravagance.  It is huge, definitely big enough but just the right scale if we were comparing this to a real queen/king size bed.

Here's my Poppy Parker doll named Nik to show the bed scale.  You can also see better the fancy decoration on the bed frames and the canopy at different angles.  I was completely blown away by the detail when I first took this out of the packaging.

I must thank my partner in crime, Helena, for giving me this bed as a Christmas present last year!  She even included a mini sewing machine in the mix so I could make my very own bedding.  Alas, home economics never was my cup of tea in school.  I couldn't work the stupid machine so I hand-sewn the pillows and the blanket you see in the photos.

For a peek at other gorgeous Victorian style doll furnitures, check out this site: Victorian Woodshop.  If you're a sucker for miniatures like I am...prepare a drool bucket!  :)


  1. Such a wonderful gift! Congrats, it's beautiful!

  2. Nice! Really cool stuff and very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

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