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Miniature Monday #9: Fireplace Setting

When my partner and I chose to buy a new home almost 2 years ago, we really wanted a fireplace.  We eventually decided to go against it because of the added costs that doesn't necessarily add much value to the house.  The beauty about having my dolls is they can live the life I cannot.  You guessed it!  They've got a fireplace.

The fireplace setting you see above is comprised of repainted stuff from the My Scene Masquerade Madness Party Pad Playset except for the tea set and food miniatures that came from Rement.  The fireplace was originally red in color.  The coffee table was blue and the chair was fuschia.  I guess it would have helped to have a before and after photo but I never think about these things ahead of time.  I just spray, spray, spray!

As you can see, I got spray happy with the antique white color.  Honestly though, antique white is a great color to use if you are going for simple yet chic. Gavin, pictured above, enjoys a late afternoon tea near the fireplace to show the furniture scale.

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians out there!


  1. I have that same fireplace but I didn't paint it. It looks good in white. I found it a little small so I raised it by puting it on a platform. I have that chair and table too. They also looks good in white.

  2. Thank you MJ!

    Ms. Leo, you are right. The fireplace is a little low. I had originally wanted to take a picture of a silkstone standing next to it but it was low so I opt for a sitting doll. Now that I think of it, a platform underneath it might be a good idea!

  3. If you look at the last shot, you will see I raised it.


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