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Those Damn Wisdom Teeth

So I've been feeling pretty bad lately, not being able to eat the food I like and living on pain medication just to function properly at work, not to mention the other medication that gives me rashes.  And all this because of the four wisdom teeth that I never thought I would ever have problems with that they would need extraction.  Ergo, I haven't been inspired to do my random dolly photo shoots.

I did, however, take a random picture of my Hollywood Hostess silkstone doll, Madeline (Ma-de-lyn, not Ma-de-lie-n) with some Rement miniatures two weeks ago while I was preparing a blog entry for Miniature Monday: Tea Time Edition, before the whole teeth extraction madness took place.

I wanted to include this shot in that blog entry but it just didn't fit anywhere.  Lately though, I've found comfort in earl grey tea to soothe my aching gums, the same tea I imagine my doll is serving in the photo, cream and everything.


  1. Sorry about your teeth but great tea set. I love the redhead silkstones. Thanks for bring back Miniature Monday! I look forward to Mondays again.

  2. Thank you for continually visiting my blog, Ms. Leo! I'm glad you enjoy Miniature Monday! :)

  3. I've given you a lovely blog award. You can read about it here if you'd like to play. Congratulations!


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