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Miniature Monday #13: The Christmas Tree!

I'm back from hibernation and what better way to kickstart the Christmas season on my blog than featuring a Christmas tree in all its glory on Miniature Monday!  Purchased last year from my local Urban Outfitters store, the tree stands at about 18" tall, perfect for those 12" dollies with a taste for grandeur.  There were quite a bit of colors to choose from but black stood out as my choice in the end.  Coloured ornaments pop out beautifully against it.  The mini silver and red balls can probably be found at any retailer that sells ornaments.  The tree skirt is made of felt paper I had gotten from the dollar store and cut out using a medium sized bowl in my kitchen as a stencil.

Are your dolls ready for Christmas?  There are only 26 days left!

Happy Monday!


  1. TOO CUTE!! 18" wow that's gotta be the most adorable thing ever!! When i see it im taking it!!

    P.S. It only took my a decade to finally comment here!!


  2. It's good to be back...And welcome to my blog scarz2! Please do come again!


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