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Somewhere in Time

What could be more fundamental to a doll than the clothes she wears?  Today, I'm more than excited to share an outfit that I've had the pleasure of acquiring from a very talented artist.  The title of this blog entry comes from the very name of the fashions she auctions through Ebay under the name of little_bluestudio.

If I may, I would like to re-introduce Vintage Vinyl Sooki redressed in an attire inspired by the 1800's.  I must admit that my adoration for VV Sooki had somewhat dwindled for some time after I had gotten her a few months back.  A couple of days ago, when I received Kay's creation, I couldn't be more impressed at how lovely it looked and how well it suited Sooki, thus my rekindled love for this doll.  Judging by my photos alone, you can see the drama and overflowing details on this outfit from the flowers and lace trims on the bonnet to the flowers and lace trims alining the bottom of the skirt.  It's absolutely sensational!

Having been fortunate enough to have a little chat with the artist, Kay, I learned that the inspiration for her stunning pieces may come from many places but mostly the fabric itself.  In this case, the fabric is a vintage cotton that she's had for many years and was yearning to be transformed into a picture perfect romantic costume from the early 1800's.  Well accomplished, don't you think?

For more of Kay's creations, check it out HERE.  She makes her own historical porcelain dolls too!