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Twelve Dolls of Christmas, Part 3

This is my 100th post!  Dolls may be my passion but the readers are my real inspiration so YAY to all of you guys and gals who follow this blog!  Thank you from all of my dolls' bottoms!

Hair Happenins Francie by Mattel

Francie Gold

Because this blog entry represents a milestone in my blogging history, I thought it fitting to show one of the most precious dolls in my collection:  Francie.  As some of you might have already known, Francie is my absolute favorite doll.  Therefore, no matter how many Francie dolls I have, each one is just as extra special as the next.  That's also why I can't seem to name any of my Francies a different name.  Instead, I have added a second name to all of them after colors and shades for differentiation.

My very first vintage Francie came to me a few years ago during the Christmas season.  Ever since then, I have associated the doll with Christmas.  In fact most of my Francies were purchased in either late October or November as Francie Gold was.  She is by no means perfect as she is a pre-owned vintage doll like all my other Francies.  Although her body is in excellent condition, her face actually has a couple of white spots on them.  That, however, does not take away from her overall appeal.  Francie Gold, in particular, has the most beautifully shaped lips out of all the Francie dolls I own.

I dedicate these Francie photos to all the Francie lovers out there.  She only ever comes out through special editions once in a blue moon in the doll world today but she remains a shining star in my collection, especially at Christmas time!

Curious about the beautiful Christmas dress Francie is modelling?  Check out DEBRA's CLOSET to see more wonderful Francie outfits!


  1. Congratulations on your 100th post! I love your blog, and I just adore Francie! She's one of the prettiest dolls ever!

  2. A milestone! Congratulations! Francie is one of my favorites too.

  3. CONGRATS! And I love Francie, she is so cute!

  4. Thanks everyone! Happy to be here and definitely happy to have you guys around!

  5. Francie is the best. I too think that each one has their own look to them. Did you make your francie Holiday outfits? They are both very pretty. Congrats on 100 post and here is to 100 more!


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