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Twelve Dolls of Christmas, Part 6

Pinky Street Sweet Saki and Bitter Saki

Sweet Saki, renamed Vanilla
Bitter Saki, renamed Callista

My partner and I had a recent debate whether to consider Pinky Street as 'dolls' or 'figures'.  She says they're figures.  I say they're more like dolls.  I consider 'figures' as collectibles strictly for your viewing pleasure while dolls have an option for play and interaction.  I admit Pinky Street is a little more unconventional in terms of redressing but the point is their heads, clothing and legs are interchangeable, thus, the interactive aspect.  I suppose they could be both 'dolls' and/or 'figures'.  What do you think?

Anyway, as I consider Sweet and Bitter Saki as twins, I've photographed them together for the 12 Dolls of Christmas.  Before the explosion of fashion dolls in my collection, there was Pinky Street.  I've always been a fan of Japanese anime and I carried that over to my adulthood.  Pinky Street, by Baby Sue and Vance Project, very much personifies those often cute, sometimes overly expressive, big eyed anime characters.  In fact, it's already made a collaboration with certain popular animes like Gunslinger Girl and Neon Genesis in the past.  Naturally, I had to have them.  The beauty about these 'doll figures' is I can have a battalion of them and they still would only take up a small space in my house because they're only 4 inches tall.


  1. they're the wonder twins...WONDER TWINS POWER...ACTIVATE!!!!

    pretty me

  2. I always enjoy your comments, Pam!


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