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Twelve Dolls of Christmas, Part 9

Golden Angel Barbie

She was given to me as a Secret Santa gift last year from work.  Obviously, everyone at work knows about my doll mania.  Yet, I was still pleasantly surprised.  To my fellow doll collectors out there, you can understand how fussy one gets when it comes to picking the perfect doll.  Is the make-up just right?  Are her eyes centred?  Is that a lose thread on her skirt?  What is that crap on her hair?  And the most important question of all:  What kind of doll is it?  You get the picture.  But when I unwrapped this girl on Christmas day...just heavenly!  I had seen her around the block before.  As I didn't collect Christmas angel Barbies, she was always a pass.  As a gift, however, who was I to say no.  She's surprisingly very beautiful out of the box.  And her upward glance is quite unique. She couldn't have been a more perfect Christmas doll!

"A is for the angels who make up the Christmas list..."
-from the Christmas Alphabet song


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