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Miniature Monday #14: Tea Time Edition III

A new year.  A new set of miniatures.  I thought I'd start this year's Miniature Monday with something new yet oh so familiar.  I've covered a few different tea sets in the past.  Today, I'd like to feature a tea table and chairs, which also happened to be a Christmas gift from my honey.

If you've been following Miniature Mondays last year you're likely to be acquainted with the ornate designs on these beautiful pieces.  If not, here's a great link to get you started: Victorian Woodshop.  They've got a really nice variety of Victorian style doll furnitures to scale with fashion dolls and other bigger sized dolls.  They're pretty reasonably priced for their quality and intricate design.  And you've got a number of choices in color to choose from, should you be the adventurous type. Or you could always go for the classic stained wood look.

I prefer mine painted.  I was a bit nervous about the color as I usually opt for a darker shade but I was worried for nothing.  These furnitures are so wonderful that I think they would look pretty in the yuckiest color your head can come up with.  And remember that dollar store find on Miniature Monday #12?  That's precisely what's behind the table and chairs photographed above.  A perfect fit!

My canopy doll bed by Victorian Woodshop was in a chocolate brown so this time I decided to go with just the opposite: buttermilk.  It's a slight shade yellower in real life than what my first two photos show.  My camera tends to do funny things when the natural light is not as bright.  Here's a photo of Poppy in a photo tent with the chair in it's true color to give you an idea what I'm talking about...even though Poppy wasn't technically invited for tea.

I daresay my girls are thoroughly enjoying this lovely Christmas present just as much as I am.  A big thank you to my partner in crime for these and to Tom for making cool classic doll furnitures!  These are living space essentials for dolls with a need for a touch of class and grandeur mixed with hand crafted Victorian style to boot!

Happy Monday to all!


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