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Miniature Monday #15: Happy Hour

The wine miniatures are by Orcara,  the best set by them that I have seen yet.  Compared to Rement miniatures, Orcara is a little less detailed.  However, they are also better priced.  And as you can see above, less detailed they may be but pretty darn detailed they still are.  They're also perfectly scaled with my fashion dolls.  It's just that I have Rement minis to compare to when it comes to quality so I know the difference.

Now, if you thought my dolls are just all about sugar, spice and everything nice....Think again.  Once in a while they, too, crave a good buzz....To my Misaki doll, Eve, there is nothing like a private happy hour with the 'me, myself and I'.

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh this makes me so mad! I have ranted against alcohol for YEARS, writing tons of blogs, thousands of comments, even a BOOK on why we shouldn't use mind-altering drugs like alcohol! Alcohol is a drug. Just because it's legal doesn't make it right! And we will NEVER get the pot smokers to understand why it's wrong and immature to use drugs, as long as people think nothing of using a mind-altering drug in the form of alcohol. A casual booze drinker is no better than a casual pot smoker, except they aren't breaking the law. I have chastised pot smokers for years online, trying to help them to grow up and get some morals, and their number one excuse is "Pot is safer than alcohol." I tell them over and over that we shouldn't smoke pot OR drink alcohol! How hard is that? People need to grow up and set an example! It is just so infuriating that I go searching for stuff about DOLLS, to take my mind OFF all the alcohol and pot references in the world because I get so tired of typing my fingers to the bone about this, and yet STILL find booze references even when I'm looking at doll stuff!

  2. And great, now all the pot smokers who see your blog will feel even FURTHER justified in continuing their drug use! You talk about getting a good "buzz", well that is just why pot smokers smoke pot! Here you are a grown adult and should be WELL PAST the age where you'd want to use a mind-altering drug to get buzzed, have "fun", etc. Grown adults need to set an example and NOT DRINK!

    1. Whoa, chill! It's a doll holding a plastic goblet! And the last time I checked, she never asked anyone to get pissed drunk with her.

      When are people going to take responsibility for their own actions?

      While you raise such great concerns about serious issues, go cry about it elsewhere. This is a doll sharing blog. Go hug a doll or something and calm down!


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