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Miniature Monday #17: Extremely Mini Tea Time Edition

There has been an invasion in my house....a Lalaloopsy invasion, that is!  What you are seeing is a Mini Lalaloopsy Crumb's Tea Party Playset.  This set is scaled for the 3" Mini Lalalopsy dolls....Yes, they're very tiny...And did I mention extremely cute?  The chairs are shaped like biscuits.  The saucers are shaped like buttons.  The table stem is shaped like a spool.  It's like Lalaloopsy in wonderland!

Cici and Lulu Roo enjoying their tea.

It's hard not to fall in love with these Lalaloopsy toys.  For something marketed to kids, I'm so astonished at the detail put into them.  Something as insignificant to a child as a tea bag string hanging out of a tea pot is a delight to see for a finicky adult collector like me.  Not to mention the fun Fizz is having, playing with her newfound toys....

Reborn Posh Girl FR Misaki, aka, Fizz

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh I love the tiny ones!!! I really am going to have to buy some. I totally agree with you on the detail, a tea bag string out of a teapot would make me go squeeeeeee! for sure :D

  2. Why is the witch there with cici????
    I know i know i know...maybe thats her
    witch doll?!????....perhaps???maybe???

    FoReVeR pretty me

  3. Resin angels, they won't disappoint you.

    Pam...cuz it can only be you...damn, girl, you crack me up!

  4. I love dolls! Very good you blog, wonderful post!



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