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Doll Tale Thursday #3: A School of Pinky

I found this in my archives yesterday as I was looking through old photos.  It's too cool not to share especially since I don't think I'll ever have the patience to do it again.

Once upon a time, I tried to build an army of Pinkys!  Hahaha!  As you know, Pinky Street [or Pinky:St] is the name of these doll figures by a  Japanese toy company, Vance Project.  They're only 4" tall.  They've got interchangeable heads, hairs, clothing and accessories.  They're also extremely cute, thus, highly addictive.

I always wanted to have the lot of them in those cute Japanese uniforms so I decided to photograph the interchangeable heads on the one same body except for the Pinky Street boy, [see if you can spot him!] and put everything in one photo to make it look like a yearbook page.  The class sheet pictured above is not even half of the army I have so it's actually unfinished but I never bothered to continue it from lack of patience.  There was just too many of them.

Here are a few that did not make the cut.  They were suppose to be on the second class sheet but I never got to it.  They may look happy but they're really crying inside.




-Little Nunu was my first Pinky:St and my favorite.  She's named after my lovie, who's mother-given nickname is Nunu.
-Chloe is the shy, quiet twin sister of Little Nunu.  Nunu was a special edition version of Chloe so I made them twins.
-Syren, my second favorite, pictured in one of Little Nunu's travels and the Dollhouse page is Nunu's and Chloe's older sister.  She's a teenage fashion model, whose alias is Syren Oceanus.
-Callista and Vanilla are twin sisters.  Guess who the evil one is.
-Miele is Syren's best friend.
-Auburn and Raven got somethin going on....
-Pringles and Medea are also twins.  They're like the model student twins with strong cheerleading tendencies....with Pinky Street, you can't help but have lots of twins!
-Asuka and Rei are from the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime. a very happy Pinky:St boy, given that he is always surrounded by girls.


  1. These are super adorable, I never even heard about them until you mentioned them.
    So cute!

  2. I love it! However, I give you MAJOR props, as I don't think I'd have the patience to do this, LOL.

    With my luck I'd take all the photos, and realize I had no SD card, LOL. :)

  3. Beware, Aubrey, Pinkies are evilly addictive!

    MJ, thanks, LOL, you crack me up! Maybe one day I'll find that patience again. My partner is insisting I redo the whole thing with every single Pinky Street I have because it wasn't fair to the others. She's not a big doll fan but she's quite attached to my Pinkies and Lalaloopsies. LOL!


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