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Going On A Trip

Pinky Street named Syren Oceanus

I'd been counting down the days and I'll continue to do so until the time comes but if you haven't guessed from the pic above, I'm going to Tokyo, Japan!  Yay me!  I will be leaving at the end of February and I cannot wait!

Many moons ago, I had gone to visit family there and stayed for three months.  Because I was there a good amount of time, I had a chance to volunteer at my cousin's school and teach little kids some english.  I also played with a helluva lot of UFO Catcher machines all over town!  If you don't know what UFO Catcher is, it's similar to those crane machines, mostly seen placed randomly at big retailers, that have stuffed toys you could win, except UFO Catchers are seen in arcades in Japan and they have much much more nicer toys to catch!  I had such a wonderful experience that as soon as I hopped on the plane going back home,  I wanted to turn it around and stay three more months.

That was about a decade ago.  Japan had turned me into an anime figure collector....yes I blame it all on Japan.  Since then, I've evolved into a doll collector, dolls being my first love.  And still, Japan remains as the epicenter of my obsessive tendencies!  When I was last there, I had no knowledge of anime figures or FR Misakis, even Takara Licca dolls.  I only knew Sailor Moon.  Now that I know so much more, I'm drooling at the mouth just thinking about all the toys that will be available at my fingertips that I normally only drool over through the internet....Oh yeah, and seeing family is nice too.....Hahahahaha!!!

Of course, I hope to share many pictures here, especially those of my trusty dolly sidekick, Little Nunu and her travel adventures.  Is it February 28th yet????

If you've ever been to Tokyo and know of good places to check out for dolls, please contact me through my email HERE or leave me a comment.  Thank you for reading my ramblings!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. she looks like a NINJA! love the fan covering the face

  2. Oh, I am so envious of you! Can't wait to see your pictures so I can live vicariously though you!

  3. I'M JEALOUSSSS. And dude, you're gonna come back broke xD

    GAR I still needa compile a list of goodies you'll be bringing back for me as the lovely sister you are<3

  4. You have two weeks to give me a list Kirstie or you'll just have to be surprised!


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