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Little Nunu's Cherry Hill Mall Adventure

From the Pinky archives...I present to you Little Nunu with older sister Syren and a family friend, Wolfe.  During a trip to a New Jersey mall, the three decided that shopping can be a very exhausting activity and taking a bite to eat was necessary.

Hmmm....Ordering is always a tricky business.  There's always so many choices!

Of course, Nunu's choice of ketchup can and will only be Heinz.  Syren and Wolfe agrees.

Mmmm, french fries!  Nunu and Wolfe are in love with them!  Syren's more of a diet conscious type of a gal.  Salad is more of her ideal food group.

Little Nunu is bewildered by how raw leaves could possibly be a better choice than fries....Oh well!

From a Pinky Street plate to yours, bon appetit!


  1. This is really cute! And I must say, this post is making me quite hungry.

    And omg I touched that menu. *feels speshul*

  2. I thought you might like this one.

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  4. Hi,
    Very cute. Great looking food too. I'll have to check out the Bistro. I guess I was always afraid people might look if I pulled out dolls to play in public. I might rethink that now. I didn't know you were so close by. Maybe one day a few of us from the area can meet and show our dolls.

  5. Thank you Marta! That is very humbling indeed!

    Ms. Leo, it would be awesome to actually meet in person other doll collectors. Unfortunately, it's my parents who live in Cherry Hill. I was only there for a very short visit last year. I'm actually from Toronto, Canada.

  6. What a cute Moe you have in these shots! I love the purple eyes! I'm a new follower!


  7. Hiya Brooke! Welcome! The Moe face is my favorite Pinky St!


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