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Random Photo Monday

Freeze Frame AvantGuard, aka, Zef Almondy
Zef's been feeling a little left out lately since I've been paying more attention to the smaller dolls.  I figured it was time to show her some love.  The photos came out better than I ever expected and of course, sharing is a must!

When she first came to me, she had that stupid Lady Gaga hair bow stuck on her brunette wig.  A few days ago, I had decided to cut that hair bow off forever and slightly trim her bangs to give it a less feathery look.  In my eyes, she looks better this way.

Zef Almondy's brocade dress is by Dressmaker Details, while her white lounge chair miniature is part of the Urban Penthouse Collection by Horseman Dolls.  Of course, the little friend she's holding is a mini Lalaloopsy, Lulu Roo [Pillow Featherbed].

Happy Monday!


  1. Wow she looks so real!! I love all the shots but that one in the middle is just outstanding :D And yay for the little mini lala XD So cute!

  2. I really love the outfit! Who is it by?

  3. Beautiful photos and such a delightful Blog, TM!!

    gerri XXX

  4. I'm so glad you guys liked this photo shoot!

    Resin Angels, I, too, am partial to the middle pic. Thank you!

    Vanessa, thank you. She's a very photogenic doll. I just had to comb her hair and the rest was the doll's own magic.

    Ms. Leo, the outfit is by Dressmaker Details. They make such lovely outfits. I actually got it at their website after Christmas for a steal during 'Canada's Boxing day week'!

    Gerri, I'm a big fan of your doll photography. The photos on your blog are always something to drool over! Thank you for the compliment!


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