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Suit Up Saturday #5: Francie Valentine Set

With the Barbie Fan Club membership renewal date coming up in just a matter of days, I'm once again giddy with excitement for the mentioned silkstone Francie in the last Barbie Designer chat of 2010 that's to be released sometime this year.  We have yet to find out how she looks like and I'll be twiddling my thumbs ever so impatiently until I do find out.  In the mean time, I thought I'd give attention to a Francie doll in my collection.

Part of Francie's charm is her cute, fun, and sometimes outrageous wardrobe.  Sadly, because she was only manufactured for such a short period of time, the doll and her outfits tend to be rare, especially in good condition, thus, making them much pricier in the secondary market when they do show up.  Imagine the frustration!  I'm not always [and I say 'not always' because sometimes I do crack...] willing to part with my shiny pennies for stuff that are in "good" condition, as oppose to "excellent" and "mint" condition that didn't turn me into a pauper.  For that reason, I decided to search a different avenue to satisfy my Francie cravings.

Today's S.U.S is a Valentines set by Debras Closet.  I have a number of outfits by Debra and I love her stuff because they are made to fit Francie, not outfits that could fit Francie.  Plus, they are designed with "mod" in mind. They also cost much less than Francie originals and you can be sure they're brand-spanking-new every time.


  1. She looks so cute! Even though she is blonde she reminds me so much of Rachel from Glee, especially with this outfit :D

  2. She is very cute in this. Did you make it?
    About the silkstone Francie, I love Francie but I hate the weight of the silkstone body. I have some misgivings about that. Another Francie face is always welcome!

  3. oooh, cool to know about the silkstone francie!!! didn't know! (& i'm in the club)


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