Saturday, February 19, 2011

Suit Up Saturday #7: Japanese Kimono

The real countdown begins for my trip to Japan!  I've only got a week and one day left to go until then so I thought I'd feature a type of fashion that Japan is very well-known for: kimonos.  I love kimonos!  Classic.  Never goes out of style.  Plus you never have to be conscious of your figure.  Those Japanese were on to something!  It's forever in a T-shape and the sash or what the Japanese call the "obi" covers that belly fat you'd been meaning to get rid of through exercise but never did.

Apparently, kimonos are always worn with the left side wrapped over the right before securing with the obi except when dressing the dead.  Well, I didn't know that when I took the photos above.  I just dressed Jenny without giving it a second thought so I ended up needing to flip the photo in Adobe to make it look like she's wearing it the correct way.  Alas, we learn something new everyday....

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