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Crepe Shop Ken Doll

Front of the Box

One of my Japan doll finds.  I spotted him at a local 24Hrs recycle shop not too far from my aunt's house [can't remember the name] that sold shelves upon shelves of anime figures and toys.  The beauty about recycle shops in Japan is while their items are previously owned, a lot of them are usually barely used or better yet, unopened and being sold for amazing prices.

Back of the Box
Although I had hoped to find something like this, I didn't think I was going to be able to so I was ecstatic with my 1280yen purchase.  He was still fastened to his cardboard.  His hat and shoes were clearly unopened and the box was in good condition.  Of course he came with his flaws...

There were visible white spots on his face and arms.  It looked like he was suffering from some kind of chicken pox, doll edition.

Still, I bought him.  This was a Ken doll before Mattel's licensing agreement with Takara ended so to a doll collector like myself, he's a piece of doll history and I wasn't going to leave him behind, chicken pox or not.  To my surprise, when I took him out of the box and started rubbing the white spots, they were coming off.  I quickly got a damp paper towel and gently rubbed all the chicken pox away!

And this is how he looks now!  Sweeeeeet!


  1. He's really cool, glad that his spots came off. And I will say that if I ever got the chance to go to Japan, I'd be buying every doll I could get my hands on, I'd have too many suitcases by the end of my trip!

  2. It was very hard to keep a clear head seeing many many things I wanted to take home. Unfortunately, dolly dollars...or dollars in general do not come in such abundance. But it was great actually seeing dolls in person that I've only ever seen online!

  3. Is it really ken(i)? Or a girl version of him?

  4. LOL! I suppose if his hair was longer, he would look like Jenny!

  5. OMG what an unique version! Nice and cute! I like a lot dolls with brown eyes!

  6. Totally unique in my eyes too Lady Lolo! That's why I couldn't leave him on that doll shelf!


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