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Japan Earthquake 2011

Hoard of People in Shibuya after the Earthquake

Well, it took me a zillion years to load photos from this computer but it worked so here are a few shots.  Helena and I were walking around Shibuya at the time the earthquake happened.  While I did see some buildings literally sway back and forth, I never got a chance to video tape it.  It was just too unnerving to be taking out a camera.

People stuck at the train station

All train stations were shut down for hours leaving everyone to wander aimlessly outside or patiently wait inside.  A lot of shops closed right after the quake.  Some cafes remained open but you could only stay there for so long.  It got colder in the evening so a lot more people were hanging in and around the station then.  We were one of them!

JR Yamanote Line Closed

The JR line was one of the interchanging train lines Helen and I were meant to take on the way back to my Aunt`s house in Saitama-ken.  After what seemed like forever, a different train line finally opened that could get us to Ikebukuro, which is were all train lines ended.  There were no services beyond it.  It was slightly closer to where we needed to go so we got picked up there by car eventually....many many hours later.  We didn`t get back home until around 4:30am from all the waiting and then the traffic.

People walking back and forth at Shibuya Station

It was scary and stress-inducing but I am just happy that my loved ones and I are safe.  I pray for those who weren`t as lucky.  And for those who didn`t make it, may they find peace wherever their after-life adventure leads them.


  1. Glad that you are safe. My heart also goes out to those that didn't make it. I love that you had the courage to take out your camera and shot pictures. I think a camera would have bee the last thing on my mind. Thanks for giving us another look into the tradgedy.

  2. Glad you're okay. It must have been terrifying.

  3. Hi!Theresa&Helen,Im so glad you both & family are fine.Take care @ enjoy your holiday.Hopefully to see you soon.Love@prayer Diana

  4. Glad to know that you are both safe!!

  5. Thank you Diana and Patty! There are so many aftershocks here! When will they end???? Maybe this time I`ll be able to sleep in the plane from lack of good sleep.

  6. So happy to hear you & your loved ones are okay. I can't even imagine what so many in Norther Japan have endured. My heart breaks for those touched by this disaster~stay safe!!


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