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Hakuhinkan Toy Park: Licca Club 67

Right around the corner of the very posh shopping district of Ginza is a seven story high toy store called Hakuhinkan Toy Park.  From quirky party favors to Rement, robots, model cars and cutesy stuffed toys, this is the place to be for the toy collector in you....screw Toys 'R' Us!

At its basement lies the doll shop called Licca Club 67.  Though this area caters mostly to Licca-chan, they have other dolls for sale like Barbie, Blythe, and of course Jenny.  As this is Licca Week 2 at Doll Epic the pics I'm sharing are strictly Licca.

There is a sad story tied to this place.  Helen and I went to Hakuhinkan Toy Park on a Thurday, March 10, 2011.  We were scheduled to go to the Licca Castle during the coming weekend.  It's a Licca doll museum/factory.  Because of the earthquake on March 11, we had to cancel the weekend trip.

What's sad is that I held back shopping for some Licca stuff at Licca Club 67 because I had been looking forward to getting some goods at the Licca Castle.  I also would have loved to share pics of the castle right here on my blog.  Alas, it wasn't meant to be this time around.  The silver lining is that my credit card did not cry as much as I had anticipated.

With that said, please enjoy these Licca Club 67 pics.  I mostly took these every time the shopkeeper had his back turned.  I wasn't sure whether I was allowed or not but he never bothered to stop me when he saw me take a few shots so I guess it was all right.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I want to visit Licca Castle as well but the train ticket to go there is a bit too pricey. I'm still thinking if I should include it in my itinerary when I visit Japan.

    1. Yes, it can be pricey and definitely takes a chunk out of dolly dollars. Here's hoping my uncle would offer to drive me there along with the cousins when I come back to Japan for a visit.

    2. I have visited the Licca Castle this last spring. Honestly, the Small Shop in Tokyo has a lot more dolls to offer compare to the Licca Castle. It was a nice travel though. :)


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