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Licca Week: Daddy's Girls

Licca-chan's daddy

A slightly unusual story....Meet Pierre Miramonde, a supposed French musician married to a beautiful Japanese fashion designer, Orie Kayama.  At least that's how the Takara story goes.  So why is Licca carrying the "Kayama" surname you ask?  Apparently, he fell in love with the name that he decided to carry his wife's last name rather than it being the other way around.  So he's sometimes Pierre Miramonde Kayama but oftentimes simply known as Pierre Kayama.

I do not have Licca's mommy to show as I never had any intention to complete the Licca family to begin with.  The Kayama family has way too many children in it.  However, Pierre was a gift from my aunt.  So now Licca has a dad to pose pictures with!  And she's ever so grateful to have her daddy around.

From left to right: Pierre, Miki, Maki, Licca
So I tried putting Ken's outfit on Pierre for a more formal look.  Although it's not so obvious on the photo above, it's actually very loose on him as Ken's body is bigger.  I do think Mr. Kayama looks more dashing without his specs.  He looks ten times older with it on.


  1. I love the picture with all 3 girls. I like him with the specs. He looks more daddyish. Without them, he looks more like a big brother wearing his dad's suit that is a little too big. LOL.

  2. I really like your series of Licca entries. My appreciation for the doll grows. :)

  3. -I suppose he does look more 'daddyish' with the glasses Vanessa...I gotta find him a suit that actually suits him though. LOL!

    -Thank you Niel! Licca is a real cutey if you like your cute fashion dolls!


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