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Licca Week: Introducing Licca-chan

Every toy store or toy department I ventured into in Japan had a Licca doll section in it so I thought it fitting to feature Licca for an entire week at Doll Epic beginning with my first ever Licca acquisition.

Sweets Decora Licca-chan

Licca (pronounced as Ree-ka) Kayama

Barbie may have global fame but Licca beats her popularity in the country of Japan.  This 11-year-old 10-inch fashion doll has an entire life story created by Takara, from her parents, her siblings to her favorite books and cartoon.  She's even got her own anime.

Sweets Decora Licca-chan was bought from a Seiyu department store...a neater, cleaner and much more organized Japan version of Walmart.  I was completely suckered in by this doll's cuteness!  She bears a great resemblance to Takara Jenny but is obviously younger, just by their height difference and Licca's rounder face.

She came with this mixing bowl...I guess for baking purposes.  They don't call her "Sweets" for nothing after all.  The 'Decora' part of her name is what struck me as odd so I looked it up.  Apparently, 'decora' is a Japanese fashion subculture, the name being a short form of the English word, decoration.  It's all about the accessories, creativity and style meshed together that screams "Look, christmas tree!".  Ok, so I'm kidding about the Christmas tree part but that was the only way I could grasp the concept.  The Japanese are so fascinating!


  1. She's precious! Gongrats for your puschase! I saw some Licca dolls customized into Sailor Moon dolls and they become much prettier than the original SM dolls woth their odd faces XD~


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