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Little Nunu's Ghibli Museum Adventure

The Ghibli Museum features popular animated works of Hayao Miyazaki, done by a Japanese animation film studio, Studio Ghibli, like "My Neighbor Totoro", "Spirited Away" and many others.

Before visiting the museum, Little Nunu and Chloe were on a search for a place to rid themselves of hunger.

During that time, they found themselves not only some food but also a friend...who looked like she wanted to eat them.

Luckily, the two little dollies managed to befriend the one they call "Shaneli" without being eaten so they went on their merry way to a scrumptious cream puff or "choux cream" as the Japanese prefers to call their puffs!

On the way to the museum, they had a brief look at a local street performance.  As curious as it was, we could not stay longer to watch as we had a date with Ghibli that only allowed people in at certain times during the day and our schedule was at 2:00pm.

Ah, Ghibli....the architecture of this place alone was magical.  There was nothing traditional about its odd shape.  It was colorful.  It had winding paths and stairs all over the place.  It's surrounded by forest....

You even see dressed kitties peeking out of one of the windows.

Little Nunu and Chloe happily posed in front of the camera outdoors as, once again, photography wasn't allowed inside.

Luckily, the highlight of this entire place was outside.  It is the replica of the giant robot from the movie, 'Laputa: Castle in the Sky', standing atop of the building.  He was totally awesome and the dollies and I wanted to take him home!

Of course, picture-taking was in order!  Just look at how the twins were mimicking Mr. Giant Robot's distant stare as he watches the far beyond!

Just before leaving, Chloe poses in front of Studio Ghibli's character logo and animated celebrity , Totoro.


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