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Licca Week: Miki and Maki

As Licca Week continues here at Doll Epic, it is only fitting to introduce two little cuties from Licca's big family.  Miki and Maki are her younger twin sisters.  Gotta love those labeled bags!

I admit to being partial to Miki's side glance and puckered lips even though Maki has a really sweet smile.  I'm also very fond of their matching cute two-syllable names.  If there really is such a thing as a good and a bad twin, I would think Maki's the good one and Miki's the trouble child.  There's something mischievous about that side glance.

These two are the same size as Mattel's Kelly doll.  I do think they're much much cuter.  Who can resist those expressive anime eyes?  In truth, they weren't suppose to come home with me.  They simply weren't in my agenda.  Somehow, they still managed to sneak inside my luggage...Ah, the mysteries of life!


  1. They are soooo cute! I loved the different expresion on them!

  2. Glad you guys like them! I, myself, was pleasantly surprised at how much fun they were to photograph. Now I wish I had gotten them other outfits!


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