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Miniature Monday #20: Mister Donut Licca Playset

Licca Week - Week 2.  I hope you're not sick of Licca-chan yet because I've still got a couple of Licca goods to share like this Mister Donut playset.  It looks like a regular donut box at first but when you open it up....

Tada!  It's an instant Mister Donut eat-in place.  I just love everything about this set!  It's colorful.  It's fun.  Very minimal assembly skill required.  And the details on the food are amazing!  When it comes to miniatures, there is no better satisfaction than seeing a mini version of the real thing looking like...well...the real thing.

Just look at the 'donuts'.  To me they look pretty darn real for a child's toy.   How cool is that?  I liked them so much that I bought the two separately sold Mister Donut packs.  One of the separate packs include the tray of food shown below:

Even the coffee cup has the Mister Donut logo print on it.  That coffee you see inside the cup actually comes off.  It shoots out of the coffeemaker right into the cup when you push the 'push' button.

My only regret is not being able to find the Licca outfit to match this set.  Even Licca Club 67 at Hakuhinkan Toy Park was sold out of it, hence, Licca's french maid outfit substitute.  Oh well, the other dolls she's serving don't seem to mind.

Happy Monday!


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