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Suit Up Saturday #9: A Slice of Headpiece

With all the wedding hype going around, thanks to the British royal wedding that just passed, I got fascinated by fascinators.  Fascinators are especially popular with the Brit ladies.  They are headpieces or head decorations that are usually worn at special occasions such as weddings and they're usually matched with formal outfits.  They range from normal looking hats to really weird ones....Just look up Princess Beatrice's from Will and Kate's wedding.  I think we can all agree that she must have killed an animal with antlers a few nights before to get that specific, "Look at me!  Look at the carcass of an animal on my head!" effect.

I realized that I absolutely love headpieces on dolls that are made to "fascinate" and the bigger the head of the doll, the more fun it is to put a headpiece on them.  Because they're dolls, the decoration can range from normal to weird, to really funky and still get away with it.  Dalkin, pictured above, is a great example.  There is a slice of cake on her head but who cares!  She's still cute anyway!  It was originally a head accessory to a Blythe outfit that I had acquired some time ago.  Dalkin's black version of the brown french maid get-up worn by Licca on the previous Suit Up Saturday called for it today.

Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. She is very cute. I love it !

  2. Really cute! I wonder when this trend of wearing "food" on the head started. I guess it was with Carmem Miranda!


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