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Sine of Souls

These pictures were inspired by a fellow doll blogger, whose lovely doll photography can be seen at her blog,  The Doll Whisperer.  When I saw Marta's Little Apple Doll photos, I realized  that the LADs in my collection haven't been getting enough attention.  So, I took one out to venture in the great outdoors.  She is the second doll I brought bike riding with me the other day, along with Blossom Flowerpot of the previous blog post.

This Little Apple Doll is called Sine of Souls.  She came out in 2 out of the 4 series collection by Ufuoma Urie.  This version of Sine is from series 4, the only LAD with white hair.  Like the rest of the LADs, she came with a little booklet of her life story and the role she plays in the Inbetween place.

I thought it fitting to have Sine photographed in a cemetery because of her Japanese horror picturesque aura.  All the photos you see here were taken at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto, Canada.  It's a very big cemetery that I usually make a point to visit at least once in the summertime.  It's so beautiful and serene there, a nice break from the fast-paced everyday life.


  1. WOW she's kinda scary, but I loved your pics!

  2. Now where can I get white hair like that? They need a group shot...that would be keel!

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