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Doll Tale Thursday #8: Empress of the Golden Blossom

Empress of the Golden Blossom
Barbie doll

Aristocrats like her never reveal their names to commoners....So she's simply, "the Empress".

The Empress came out in late 2008.  I remember getting her early 2009.  I believe she was a direct exclusive to the Barbie Collector site.  I loved her from the start.  Extremely elegant and exotic.  This is one of those Mattel dolls that left nothing to chance.  Very very well-made and I can't stress that enough since Mattel seems to go through phases when random dolls come out looking like crap compared to their promo pics.

As you can see, the Chinese dress robe really makes the doll!  The doll itself becomes an afterthought.  The golden brocade is just so eye-catching.  The beadwork is fantastic!  Like I always say, 'it's all about the details'.  Of course, she's a bit pricier than the average Barbie but I'd rather pay a little bit more for a quality doll that I know I'll be happy with.

The rear view goes to show that she was meant to come out of the box for that full train to be appreciated.

Once I got over the beauty of her costume,  I started nitpicking at the rest of her.  No disappointments there.  Her headdress and earrings are just as intricately detailed.  The flowers on her hair softens her look.  Her make-up was done in lovely earthy shades with a slight shimmer.  Just stunning!

Here she is without the dress robe:


  1. She's just amazing! I LOVE her outfit so much! Is this mould face Tango?

  2. Thanks for dropping by and comment. Yes she is beautiful.

    Wow I love your Chinese doll she looks gorgeous!
    Love the robe!

  3. I don't know which face mold this is Lady Lolo. I've never been the greatest at telling them apart unless it's very distinct like the Steffie mold. But it does look very much like Tango.

  4. So gorgeous! I fell in love with her at first sight at the flagship store - but since I don't really collect Barbie's it would have been a weird purchase @__@"


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