Monday, June 13, 2011

Miniature Monday #23: Brides of Dracula Chair

I don't own any Brides of Dracula dolls by Integrity Toys but I got a few of these W Club exclusive chairs last April just because they're pretty awesome.  The chair comes in one color only, which is red.  And it is made of semi-translucent acrylic.

I first saw this chair in black with Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter book series symbol on it.  I immediately fell in love with its gothic look.  Unfortunately, it was a free gift only to Integrity Toys convention attendees.  When a red version minus the Dark Hunter symbol was offered to the W Club, I simply couldn't resist.

And it seems, Lilith agrees with my decision to purchase....


  1. The doll looks like lady gaga.. :) I like her outfit especially her boots.

  2. Congrats for getting your chair! I love that the new Brides of Dracula all come with killer boots *o*

  3. Wow - Coolest Chair EVER! Grreat doll piX too!

  4. My oh my lilith, what you got hiding behind that red chair?? LOL


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