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Broken Blythe On The Mend

So here's Playful Pigtails Petite Blythe on her way to recovery.  She was looking horribly dismembered last time.  Click HERE for her earlier photos.  The glue seemed to work after 24hours.  How long and how strong it will hold is something only time will tell.  Although honestly, after the ordeal she's gone through, I have no plans to play with her in any rough manner.

It was miraculous that her legs still managed to move back and forth after this.  I thought for sure that I had accidentally glued them to her broken torso.  Apparently not.  Lucky me!

To cover up her battle scars, I used a tiny bit of spackle, normally used to smooth out cracks on walls.  Once that dried, I went on and painted her some gold undies.  She deserved her royal treatment.  And ta-da!  Soon, she'll be ready for her official photo shoot and introduction!


  1. Whew! What a relief! I'm glad she's looking and feeling better. Spackle--what a great idea!


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