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Broken Dolls Need Love Too

I've been a doll collector for almost a decade now.  One of my fears for this hobby is to have a broken doll.  As it has happened to many doll collectors before me, I knew there was always a possibility for me to end up with a broken doll at one point or another.  Still, it's always heartbreaking when something like this hits home.

After making a blog entry a few days ago about my shiny new Blythes, I was reminded of one that I have buried at the back of my mind since her homecoming.  But now I present her to you despite her flaws, as broken dolls need love too.

This is Playful Pigtails Petite Blythe by Takara.  She came home with me from Japan last March.  She was brand new, never taken out of the box, securely fastened to her cardboard...the whole shebang....And yet when I undressed her, this was what I discovered.  She fell apart faster than I could say "blythe"!  Her body was so brittle.  In my devastation, I put her away with a promise that I would try to fix her up, somewhat, one day.  

For months I had procrastinated, not knowing what to do.  Today, I gave it a shot.  She deserves some kind of dignity!  I couldn't put back some teeny tiny broken pieces.  The more I tried, the more it came apart.  So I opted to focus on the bigger pieces and try to salvage what I can.  It's suppose to take about a day to cure.  I'm crossing my fingers that it works even though I have a feeling that her legs would either be permanently frozen in that position or everything would fall apart again despite the glue's claim to mend plastics.  Her big sisters are eager for her to get better.  I am certainly hoping for the best.  We shall see.


  1. I know what you mean when you say that broken dolls need love too! Sometimes I find broken stuffed animals at thrift stores that I repair and donate to a food bank. That way, they have a much better chance of finding their forever home than of ending up in a landfill. I hope your doll feels better soon!

  2. Maybe it would be easier to get an LPS Blythe, modify its neck knob and use it as a body donor. They are cheaper. I haven't done it so I can't really say if its possible or not. :)

  3. -Thank you Jennifer. I am determined to make her better!

    -Niel, rebodying her was my next step if gluing her doesn't work. I wanted to keep her original body because she has funky painted on socks.


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