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Doll Tale Thursday #10: Blythes Come Home

[From left to right:  Blythe and Middie Blythe]
Simply Guava Blythe
Cherish Me Always Middie Blythe

Blythe Bouchée
Marigold Biscotti


Finally, Blythes!  Yes I have a Littlest Pet Shop Blythe by Hasbro but it's just not the same as the Takara Blythes.  These two dolls are super sweet; they were screaming for a pastry last name, hence, the "bouchée" and "biscotti".

Simply Guava Blythe was given to me by my lovie while on vacation in Japan last March.  We found her at the local recycle shop, brand spanking new, and for a cheaper price, than if we were to look for her at Blythe shops.  As she's my first official Blythe, she retains the "Blythe" name.  In this photo shoot, she shows off a whimsical look with a Pommecopine doll outfit from Etsy.  I love her to pieces but wouldn't mind getting her face matted sometime in the future.

Cherish Me Always Middie Blythe was my birthday gift to myself just this past June, though she didn't technically arrive at my doorstep until last week.  It was kinda fitting because Blythe is apparently celebrating her 10th year anniversary this year and Cherish Me Always is one of the three birthday Blythes created for this celebration.  Her Alice in Wonderland look is absolutely charming.

Because I see enough Neo Blythes all over the net, I was most intrigued by the Middie Blythe.  From what I've gathered, she seems to be a fairly new addition to the Blythe family, as recently as fall 2010, so there aren't as many of them out there.  Obviously she's shorter, and while her eyes move back and forth they don't actually change colors as Blythe's does.  But her head swivels unlike Blythe's.  And even though her head is big, it's not as big so the shiny-ness don't bother me as much.  


  1. Your dolls are beautiful !

  2. Cute, cute, cute! I'm looking forward to a photo of these two with the LPS version. :)

  3. -Thank you Aline. My dolls will be very happy to be informed of this!

    -Niel, for you, it shall be done...It just might take a while. Heehee!


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