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Doll Tale Thursday #11: Goddess of the Galaxy

Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie

Andromeda Centuri

This doll is somewhat of an acquired taste.  I admit not liking her too much the first time I saw her stock photo.  However, the more I looked at her, the more I thought she fits right in there with my Athena and Pirate Barbie dolls.

I think it was the unusual cheek blush that turned me off in the beginning.  It was not very "barbie-ish".  For the most part I saw Barbie as the pretty girl with a wardrobe to die for.  I'm sure if I saw this type of make-up on a non-Barbie, I wouldn't have thought much about it.

Obviously I got over that cheek shock-factor and purchased her.  Very glad I did.  She's too cool.  And that cheek blush actually goes very well with her look.  Since she's the goddess of the galaxy, she's got to look like something out of this world, right?

Please excuse the reflection of my hands all over her corset but it was the only way I could get a good shot of it.  It's not removable, which is fine by me as this is one of those dolls that I don't ever see redressing.  I'm sure it's completely possible to have one removable if cost wasn't an issue, something that clasps on the side, maybe?

Even though the cape covers the back of the doll for the most part, I had to show it to the NRFBers out there, because the detail on the corset was all around nice.

A close-up of her gauntlet.  Notice her purple nail polish.

Because of all the tirade over Athena Barbie's legs...or lack of it, I figured I'd throw it out there that this doll has legs and removable boots.  I tried to remove the boots myself but it wasn't easy so I gave up!  I know they're removable though because you can shake them side to side so they're not attached to her feet by any means.  They're just a very very snug fit.

The back of the dress minus the cape.  Love it!

A couple of things I didn't like about this doll:

-Her box was kinda ugly and incompatible to her sci-fi vibe.  It's like a matchbox style.  You slide her out.  It's easy enough to pull her out of the box but if you were a NRFBer, you'd have a tough time shoving her back in there.
-I also thought that with all the sparklies she has from head to toe, somebody forgot to give her earrings.  It didn't have to be anything elaborate.  Some shiny stud earrings would have sufficed, I think.

Other than that, she's great.

My partner gave her the name Andromeda.  I added Centuri....because I wanted to be part of the naming process.  Hee-hee!


  1. Everytime I see pics of her I remember Barbarella immediatly!

  2. Wonderful doll! I dream about this. Nice name you gave her. ;)
    She has beautyfull shoes. With desire I walked in those: D
    Unearthly doll. Looks a little weird without earrings, but nonetheless also very nice. Sorry for the spelling, but I can't speak and write in English. bye

  3. I love the silver corset and those boots are fierce.

    Her faceup reminds me of something out of a 1970's Flash Gordon movie (or something from that genre)... But she'll look lovely up with your Athena and Medusa.

    What's the deal with Athena's legs? o_0"

  4. Very nice photos, and excellent review! Thanks for sharing. After seeing your photos and explaining her blush, I like her better now, too.

    I think for me it's the Barbie and couture make-up incompatibility as well. Now that I see real-life photos, I think it's a Barbie bias, and it seems to fit with the doll's overall look.


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