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Doll Tale Thursday #9: Ra Muw Dal

Ra Muw Dal
by Groove Inc.


This year's birthday gift from my lovie.   I can't pronounce her given name for the life of me so she's been renamed something we can all pronounce, Daltorien [Dal-TOR-ree-yen].  Her attire is steampunk inspired, which is what made me want her in the first place.

Steampunk is more than just a pair of vintage aviator goggles.  It's very Victorian inspired, mixed with something from the industrial revolution when steam engines ruled, topped up with a science-fiction/fantasy vibe.  Wikipedia's got a very extensive breakdown of it for the curious person in you.

Daltorien's got extremely beautiful red hair.  I can almost picture her as a long-haired mermaid when she's not riding with the wind on that cool motorcycle.  I did have a problem with one of her hands coming off.  I've reattached it but I can see a possibility of it coming off again.  I have read somewhere a few times that Dal doll bodies are quite delicate.  That's why some collectors rebody their Dals with Licca, Obitsu, or Pure Neemo bodies.  

Nevertheless, as you can tell, I had a blast photographing her.  Originally, I wanted to present her in this blog with outdoor shots.  And I still might one of these days, when the time is right.  Right now,  I'm just itching to share this beautiful doll with all of you.  Her outfit is too cool for words.  I love steampunk fashion and wouldn't mind seeing more of this style on my other fashion dolls.  

-The motorcycle originally belongs to Cloud of Final Fantasy.  The vehicle makes its appearance at the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children movie.  It's even got a name: Fenrir.

-The steampunk leather headband is an Etsy find, made by PECURRIE.


  1. She's really cute. And plus steampunk is always great.

  2. She's gorgeous! I also love steam punk and I which that many other doll's collections could come with this theme!


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