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Inuit Legend Barbie

I thought it fitting to feature a Canadian exclusive Barbie doll today of all days.  She was designed by Christy Marcus, a fashion student at Ryerson University in Toronto Canada at the time, who won the "What Will Barbie Wear in 2005" competition.  The design was inspired by her own Inuit descent.

This doll didn't make it into my collection until about a year or so after its official release, when I stumbled over her in the, sadly now obsolete, toy section of Hudson's Bay Company at Yonge and Bloor in Toronto, during one of my afternoon strolls.  I've renamed her Sedna, after the Inuit goddess of the sea.


  1. Your Sedna is gorgeous! I never saw this doll before!

  2. She's beautiful! I love the Lea sculpt.


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