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Little Nunu's Sanrio Puroland Adventure

I'd been meaning to share some photos of Little Nunu with twin sister Chloe and their adventures at Sanrio Puroland for some time now.  Even though they barely had more than a few shots inside this place, there were so many things I've wanted to share with all of you that it was quite difficult to pick and choose.  Here are some that I'm hoping you'd enjoy.

First off, Sanrio Puroland is like a smaller scale Disneyland indoor theme park, with Sanrio characters as the stars.

For those unaware, Sanrio characters include many popular critters that you might have heard of before like My Melody, Badtz-Maru, Cinnamoroll, Keroppi, Pochacco, etc.  But the most influential cat I have ever heard of complete this very cute and complex Sanrio universe:  Hello Kitty.

This is truly a place for those, like myself, who is a major sucker for anything cute.

One of the things Chloe and Little Nunu enjoyed immensely, that I think you would too, was the Hello Kitty house.

It was so pink that I almost expected Barbie to be the one giving me the warm welcome when I entered the front doors.

You gotta love details such as Hello Kitty face-shaped tiles that make this house so absurdly cute.

If the tiles weren't enough for cuteness' sake, the inside was a killer cute!  At this point everyone visiting was requested not to stay too long in one area to keep the crowd moving smoothly, as there is only a certain amount of people allowed in the house at a time for everyone's maximum viewing pleasure.  Therefore, I wasn't able to take my little dollies out for pics.  And honestly, I was having such a major cute overload that I had a hard time focusing on any one particular object.

I really wanted to haul that adorable leather kitty couch out of there and into my house!

The dining set covers it slightly but I thought this room's center of attention was the old-fashioned kitty fireplace.

Of course at this day and age, a house without a computer is practically unheard of.  So, why shouldn't the Hello Kitty house be without one!

When it was time to eat, Chloe and Nunu came out for a few nibbles.  Notice the Hello Kitty shaped pancake served with this chicken and pasta combo that the dollies are eyeing!

At the end of the day, as we watched the grand finale show at the center of this indoor theme park, the girls found small huts carved on some columns that we were standing next to.  Surprisingly, the carved huts were to scale with them.

Little Nunu couldn't help but ponder what could possibly be inside the glowing windows.

Did you know Hello Kitty had a boyfriend??? His name is Dear Daniel.  He and Hello Kitty are the king and queen of Sanrio Puroland!