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Miniature Monday #26: Couch Potatoes

FR Nu Face, Style Mantra Eden

Found these really awesome couches at Nakano Broadway that I couldn't resist.  I've seen similar looking ones before but they were jewelry boxes posing as couches, whereas these are definitely made for dollies.

I would have loved for them to be the same in color for a more matching set.  Alas, that wasn't the case.  But what the heck, they're very nicely made!  Who am I to really complain?  Lilith and Eden are enjoying them regardless of the color.

The padded seat actually comes off and the couch acts as a storage for the pillows included.  The shopkeeper went out of his way to show me this.....Apparently he didn't think I could figure it out myself!  Hahahaha!  I suppose he just wanted to make sure I knew that the pillows were there.

FR Nu Face, Great Pretender Lilith

Happy humid Monday!


  1. What a ginger! Loved your sofa set!
    Sailor Moon is the cartoon of my childhood! I like the most Sailor Moon classic and Stars, which are the only series without Sailor ChibiMoon (I really hate her x.x) The live action is ok, I wish it had another season, with the remaining sailors.


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