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Suit Up Saturday #13: Dolly Style

This is Elden Roc, originally a Dolly Style doll called Satin Moon Princess Lynn.  I believe Dolly Style dolls were exclusive to the BIC (Barbie in Chiba) shop, now currently in limbo.  For today's S.U.S.,  she's sporting a trench coat from the Dolly Style wardrobe for 1/6 scale dolls.

The coat was part of a set that includes the green tartan hat and black leggings shown, minus Elden's shoes, which were borrowed from the Style Mantra Eden doll.  This ensemble is very very nicely detailed.  The only bad thing is that those black leggings do leave stains on the doll if left on for too long.

I would have loved to eventually purchase a few more Dolly Style outfits.  They looked very chic, sometimes edgy or with a girl-next-door vibe.  Alas, I'm always late for the purchasing, and my main source for it poofed away before I got the chance.  Won't go into details about stuff I've read on the doll boards and other blogs.  It just saddens me.

Even Elden has felt depressed for wearing the same Dolly Style outfit for so long, with no chance of a wardrobe change in the near future, that she's picked up a new hobby to keep her mind off things....

Happy Weekend!


  1. That is a "badd a__" outfit. Bad is a really good way! I just love everything about it. This is my first time seeing a Dolly Style outfit. Love all her handbags. Are they purchasable separately, or are they from doll sets?

  2. Thank you Vanessa! Her handbags were originally owned by different dolls...can't remember which is which anymore as I had stored them together. A few of them belonged to silkstone Barbies for sure. Glad you liked the photo.

  3. Tjis doll has such a sweet face! I loved so much her clothes, I adore trench coat!

    A friend of mine has shown those gifs and video from Voldemort free hugs, I laugh a lot too!


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