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Doll Tale Thursday #13: Youthquake Poppy Parker

[Youthquake Poppy Parker, after her hair was washed]

Youthquake Poppy Parker


Two months late she was.  I craved her arrival for what seemed like forever only to be disappointed that she looks nothing like her promo pics.  Not to mention, the horrible head of hair she had.

[Fresh out of the box, before her hair was washed]
Granted I'm a fairly new Integrity Toys collector compared to some, this is the first time I've ever really been disappointed with this company.  I have come to love IT dolls knowing that what I see is what I get.  Not this time, apparently.

[Promo shot]
I've included the promo pic in this post to show you what I'm talking about.  Her hair color alone is all wrong.  Then there's that awful tight curl of the actual doll compared to the soft flip on the promo pic.  The eyes are somewhat the same but the promo doll has a slightly darker make-up for the smokey-eyed look, which I prefered.

Luckily, Poppy Parker is Poppy Parker and she refuses to be ugly no matter what.  I like her so much better with her curls washed out.  Now she looks more like the less bustier daughter of Jessica Rabbit from the "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" movie.

Because her eyes are plainer than the Poppy Parker that I'm used to, it actually works out to make her more versatile in photos.  She can be sweet and flirtatious.  And she can be a nerdy vixen too!

She can even pass as a mermaid....

In the end, I didn't think I'd like her but who can refuse those pouty lips and imploring eyes?  And what a difference the hair makes!

Happy Thursday!


  1. WOW What a bombshell! After the Dynamite Girls, Poppy Parker are the cutest!

  2. Yes, she's very cute. I especially love her pouty lips!

  3. Go Poppy....but dang, her promo is not the same as the actually doll....but love the pics hon.


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