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A Kewpie Feast - Part Two

Ok, ok, I finished the other Obento Kewpie!  Yay me!  She's a sake [pronounced sah-keh] sushi [salmon sushi] or 'shake [pronounced shah-keh] sushi' to not confuse it with sake [rice wine], which is pronounced exactly the same way.  This one was harder to do because she had more stitching on her than gluing.  I was afraid that I'd run out of the thread provided in the kit but I somehow managed.  Definitely not perfect as you can tell from some crooked stitches but my Youthquake Poppy Parker named Quinn doesn't seem to mind.  I don't think she's willing to return the little dollies to me anytime soon....

Quinn's yukata [summer kimono] was a Nakano Broadway find.


  1. Love the Kewpie sushis. They're so cute and adorable. Looks like it was a fun project!


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