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A Kewpie Feast

[Obento Kewpie with Rement Japanese food miniatures]

It's not exactly Miniature Monday but Japanese food miniatures here we go...dolly style!  While I was in Japan I picked up this do-it-yourself kit where I get to dress up a small Kewpie doll to look like a type of food that you would find in a bento box.  I almost forgot about it until yesterday, when I was feeling artsy!  Here's a photo collage of how I made it:

The kit is called "Obento Kewpie".  She is dressed as a Japanese shuumai.  I'm going to assume that the bottle she's holding is supposed to be soy sauce.  Her outfit is not removable and is held together by a combination of my almost-non-existent sewing skill and the power of glue.  You just gotta love glue at times like this!

I have one more of these babies that is waiting to be dressed as a shake (sha-keh) or salmon in english.  I kinda wish I had gotten a few others.  They're quite fun to make.  And Kewpies are soooo cute!

Happy Monday!


  1. Your Kewpie doll is adorable! I just love the Japanese miniature food too! How fun!

  2. What an interesting baby. OMG rements! Perfect rements! Oh sorry, the Harry Potter anime video is just a fan made, British people are very patriotic, I don't think they would ever let japan make a Harry Potter cartoon \o\

  3. Leave it to the Japanese to produce such cute it.

  4. You have great idea! See my dynamite girl - Aria. I just Only have one of it, but now I love it!


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