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Miniature Monday#27: The Huntress

FR Nippon Misaki, The Outsider
Sid is wearing an Azone Fantasy Zone gear called 'hunters armament', which includes the bow, two arrows, quiver, shoulder and breast plates.  Her short samurai sword is a separate piece that came in one of those boxed Japanese miniatures like Rement.  I figured if she was a huntress, she needs more than bow and arrows to hunt.  All of these weapons are made of steel, not plastic (except for the leather straps, of course).  To me, that is a big plus on the coolness factor when it comes to weapon miniatures.

I found this Azone doll weaponry as I was browsing through The Doll Page about a year ago.  Because I love weapons, it took me a millisecond to decide that I had to have it.  Right away I pictured my Outsider Misaki doll, Sid playing with this.  She just seems like the type.  Whatcha think?

Happy Miniature Monday!


  1. Sid looks the type alright. Congratulations on your terrific finds - Azone has lots of fun, dramatic pieces for our figures.


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