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Another Back to School Moment

Takara Dolls: [from left to right] Licca-chan, Jenny, Licca-chan

I love school uniforms!  I liked wearing them back then during my school days and I like dressing my dolls in them now.  Such a classic look.

Jenny's school uniform is a combination of her original school jacket, vest and socks with Electropop Dynamite Girl Susie's skirt and Ixtee boots.  Her original skirt is in plaid green but I thought the red would work better with the Licca doll uniforms being red.  I couldn't find her original school shoes for the photoshoot so she decided to rebel and wear boots with skulls on them.

Licca Dolls Renamed: [from left to right] Ryssa and Reina

The two school girl Licca dolls pictured here came home with me from Japan last March.  One of them, I had purchased myself.  The one with braids was a gift from my aunt, who, at the time, didn't know that I had gotten a very similar doll.  So now I have Licca twins!  And to think stores were also selling these Licca doll uniforms separately, for those who want a school girl doll army, I suppose...which I confess had crossed my mind....


  1. SO CUTE! I love school uniforms too! I want some to my DGs!

  2. They are so cute with their cute uniforms.....


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