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Doll Tale Thursday #15: FR Nippon - The Secret Code Collection

-Good Morning Amelie
-Good Night Misaki
[FR Nippon - The Secret Code Collection by Integrity Toys]

Nyx and Hemera

Once upon a time, there was a doll collector who fell in love with FR Nippon dolls.  These dolls were so special that they were specifically geared towards the Japanese market, alas, making them pricier than what the collector normally spent on a doll.  Because she was adamant in owning these beauties without resorting to robbing banks and peeling potatoes, she decided to purchase one a year.  And so, for three years running, she's collected them.  And for two of those three years, she failed to keep her self-imposed promise....

Introducing, Nyx and Hemera.  I simply couldn't buy one without the other.  These two make-up my FR Nippon dolls for this year....I swear!  Along, with Cherish Me Always Middie Blythe, I purchased these two as birthday gifts to myself.  Yeah, I really splurged on myself this year....It always happens when I turn 21 every year.....You read correctly....For some strange reason, I turn 21 every year!

Anyway, before I completely go off-topic....although, according to Integrity Toys, Misaki and Amelie are best friends, in my topsy turvy dolly world, I christened them as twins.  They look way too alike anyway!  I named them after the Greek goddesses of day and night: Nyx being the goddess of night and Hemera, the goddess of daytime.  Quite apropos to their doll manufacturer given titles.  Plus, I've always been a fan of Greek mythology.