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Doll Tale Thursday #16: Da Vinci Barbie

Barbie doll inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci
The Museum Collection (2011)

I wanted her since I first saw her promo pics.  I was instantly drawn by the simplicity of her facial screening.  Obviously she's inspired by the Mona Lisa painting by Da Vinci.  Fortunately, unlike the painting, Barbie's got her eyebrows.  She's got the enigmatic smile as well, which is awesome!  I always thought Barbie had that kind of coy expression when she's not showing her she knows something she's hesitant to share.  That look works really well on this doll.

I would have preferred her hair to be less poofy and more like her promo pics but she's pretty nicely made and reasonably priced.  And may I add that although she's a renaissance gal, she's wearing a pair of black slingback pumps underneath that dress!


  1. She is very classy....looks so sophisticated yet simple and serene...i agree her hair could be better....her dress is nice too!! Though it's hard to imagine black slingback's with this dress!!


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