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Doll Tale Thursday #17: It Was Rapunzel's Fault!

Disney Rapunzel doll, 2010

-Disney's Rapunzel
from the movie, Tangled
-Disney Princesses
Animator's Collection

Late last year, as my partner and I went for a stroll in the mall, I stumbled upon the cutest Disney doll I had ever seen.  First of all, I don't collect...or rather, I DIDN'T collect Disney dolls.  They just weren't my type.  And secondly, I wasn't into toddler-looking dolls.  Some of them creep me out.  So, how did I end up with Rapunzel, you might ask!  Well, she really was too cute to resist!

One of my favorite fairytales of all time is Rapunzel.  I've always been fascinated with long hair.  When I heard that there was going to be a Disney movie, I assumed the worst.  Disney has a bad habit of exaggerating or omitting things from plotlines.  Surprisingly, it really wasn't so bad.  The doll was definitely icing on the cake!

Fast forward to October 2011....

Disney Animator's Collection:
[from left to right] Ariel, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Belle

'Was doing one of them strolls in the mall again yesterday and saw the darn dolls....again!  This time, there was more than Rapunzel to drool over!  The series is called Disney Animator's Collection.  There are ten dolls in this collection in total.  They even carry a plush version of their movie sidekick.  Because Rapunzel looks almost identical to the one I got last year, I held off on her.  Otherwise, she would have been my first choice once again!  Pocahontas called my name instead....Then Belle pleaded to come home with Helen.  Ariel...well, she, somehow, came home with me today....

As you can see, I'm having a hard time justifying how they ended up in my doll collection!  So, I'll just blame it on Rapunzel for tempting me!

Happy Dollie Thursday!


  1. Funny, isn't it, how a doll, despite NOT being part of your aesthetic, can STILL reach out and tell you you're taking him/her home?

  2. Miladyblue, I am now in the hunt for Sleeping did this happen???

  3. I hope they didn't put Aurora in that atrocious pink dress.

    It's supposed to be BLUE! >__<"

  4. No, Patty, they didn't! I saw a pic of her online. She's really cute!

  5. could you please tell me how tall these are? thanks. cute collection. (=

  6. You know what -- that happened to me, too. (Well, Belle isn't in my collection.) First there was Rapunzel, then I bought Pocahontas and now just ordered Arielle. I will stop now though (or so I hope)... :)

    Lovely photos -- and I can so relate to your story...

    Greetings from Germany,


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