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Doll Tale Thursday #18: Medusa Barbie

Medusa Barbie

She's the first in the goddess series by designer Linda Kyaw, consisting of three dolls altogether.  In this series she mixes contemporary design with some popular creatures of Greek mythology: Medusa, Athena, and Aphrodite.

[Back View]

I remember a bit of an uproar over the Medusa doll for her thick eyelashes when she first came out back in 2008.  I admit to being more partial to the wispy lashes of the promo pics.  However, she has a certain allure that you can't help loving her in the end.

Snakes were definitely not something you saw Barbie associated with too often.  And I oh-so-love-it when Mattel pushes the fluffy pink boundaries a little bit, once in a while, to create a doll that didn't spell out conservative or traditional.

One of the things I really loved about Medusa were her shoes.  Technically, they're just a faint silhouette underneath a green chiffon fabric.  So when I lifted her skirt, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Medusa character continued all the way to her snakeskin shoes.

And then there's her cool metal earrings and necklace.  What else is there to say!  She's awesome and has been one of my favorite Barbie dolls since her homecoming in midyear 2008.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I love Medusa too though I don't like that I had to cut her out of her outfit. I combed out her hair and she has maybe the best hair of any doll I've ever had. Thick and lush and perfectly waved. Thanks for this post. It think I'm going to take her out of the "Infrequently used doll" box, give her a new bod and give her a purpose!

  2. I just loved the first pic and her sandals!

  3. -A doll like Medusa definitely could use a purpose...possibly with snakes involved. May you find her that purpose, Vita Plastica!

    -Lady Lolo, she does have killer sandals indeed!


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