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Little Apple Dolls: Sine

It's Halloween again.  As promised, a Little Apple doll gets her introduction on this day.

Sine is one of the three dolls from the Little Apple dolls, Series 1.  She reappears again in series 4 with white hair as Sine of Souls.  Today, she's just Sine.

Her story began on an orchard near the house she lived in.  She loved going there everyday to play with the apples.  As time went by she fell ill and eventually left this world.  She found herself in a place where there were children just like her, whose lives were cut short by sickness or force.  They were all lost, not knowing where they are or where they should go.  But Sine's fate was not be like the rest of the wandering children.  She brought the hole above and the ground below of the unknown place to create chaos, and from there, the inbetween place came to be.  The inbetween place became a safe haven for the lost souls of children.  In time, Sine has appointed special little apples to be guardians of children's lost souls inbetween places, starting with Little Apple Red, her very own soul protector.

Happy Halloween!